As in choice. As in determination. As in self-determination. As in free choice.
My will - to do what I want to do - to have things happen as I want them to. But will is stronger than want. Will has force behind it - it is much more than passively wanting things to happen my way. Will takes action to ensure the outcome is what I want. Will is what makes the difference. We see examples in sports all the time - which team wants it more? Which team has the will to force the result to be what they want, regardless of the opposition?

Not just my choice, desire, preference. The meshing of each individual's choices, desires, and preferences. But much more than just that.

God's Will
The all-powerful, all-knowing, outside-of-the-timeline, creator-of-the-universe, eternally-existing being has a desired outcome, a preference, an approved result, and an approved way to achieve the result.
He could force his will on the universe he created, and on the people he created. But he chooses (wills) not to. His will is that people - you, me - choose to do what he wants them to do. Freely. With a valid option of rejecting and refusing to do so.

It's all about Will.
What is your will? Does it match God's will?