Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ!

Anticipated for Centuries - the Coming Messiah and King of the Jews
Unrecognized - Born in Bethleham, Early Childhood in Egypt, Raised in Nazareth.
Just one of the neighborhood children.
Grew to manhood. Began his ministry with the message - Repent! The Kingdom of God is Near!
Rejected the "church traditions" - a person's worth based on following rules, going to certain locations, doing certain things.
More concerned about compassion, living kindly, respecting others, healing diseases, healing hearts
Treated God's laws with acceptance and respect - constantly challenged people to repent of evil and to do what God wanted them to.
Rejected by the Jewish Religious leaders of the day, who were more concerned about their "proper" place in society than in honoring God the Father
Betrayed by his follower, Seized by the religious leaders, Brought before secular government, Condemned to die
Public humiliation and execution as if he were a common criminal
Sealed in a Tomb, which was guarded by the elite soldiers of their day
At daybreak, the Tomb is open
The soldiers are gone
Jesus' body is gone
The tomb is empty, except for the cloth strips used to wrap his body, and the cloth that covered his face.
Followers arrive to make final arrangements with spices, etc. - wondering how they would move the stone that sealed the tomb so they could get in.
Met by a man, who asks them, "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here! He is risen!"
But Jesus is not missing. He meets with his followers. Eats with them. Talks to them. Lets them touch him.
Then, he leaves them so he can send the Holy Spirit.
He sits at the right hand of the Father.
He intercedes with the Father on our behalf.
Jesus promises that he will return.
As Messiah and King of the Jews.